Bruges Hotels

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Welcome to Bruges, one of the exciting tourist destinations in Europe. This is the typical fairy-tale town that is pained with architectural wonders, gabled townhouses, canal boats etc.What a wonderful time you could have with your family, friends or just the two of you in a place that is blessed with scenic beauty, wonderful climate and exciting adventures. While traveling to any tourist destination, finding the right accommodation may be the real challenge. However, at Bruges, hotels can be found to the taste and requirement of every singe tourist. Bruges hotels have something to offer to every guest. Whether you are looking for a simple accommodation to relax or you are in need of an executive cottage in your business trip or even a five-star accommodation to enjoy your holiday in style and luxury, Bruges has it all. Bruges Hotels fall into various categories - cheap Bruges hotels, budget hotels, mid-range Bruges Hotels, Luxury Bruges Hotels and finally you can even find family hotels in Bruges.

Cheap Bruges Hotels

There are many hotels in Bruges that are not expensive. These economy Bruges Hotels often provide comfortable accommodation coupled with some basic amenities in their rooms. Bruges hotels are well-connected with the main parts of the city like the Town Hall, marketplace etc. In general, these Bruges hotels have rooms that are provided with private shower and a toilet. The hotels have only one restaurant and a bar which serve delicious food and a wide choice of your favorite drinks. These hotels would be the best choice for those who are looking at an easily affordable accommodation that can be enjoyed with some basic standards.

Budget Bruges Hotels

Bruges hotels are also found in the budgeted category. These hotels cater to different kinds of travelers - those on a leisure trip or an official one. Accommodation units in these budget hotels are fairly comfortable and are endowed with all essential well-maintained amenities that are sure to make your stay a pleasant one. Unlike the inexpensive hotels, budget Bruges Hotels sometimes also offer well-equipped conference halls ideal for those on an official trip to discuss their business issues in an elegant atmosphere. Some of the budget Bruges hotels also have their own wellness center where guests can soak themselves into a sauna, massage or enjoy one of the therapy baths.

Mid-Class Bruges Hotels

There are many good mid-class hotels you can find in Bruges. These hotels offer comfortable as well as classy accommodation. The rooms in these hotels are elegantly decorated and are equipped with several modern facilities. Guests can take a plunge in the clean and well-maintained swimming pool that many of these Bruges Hotels maintain and can enjoy a nice cozy drink at the bar. Flanders Hotel, Portinari Hotel, Martin Hotel, Rosenburg Hotel are a few of the mid-class excellent hotels in Bruges.

Boutique Hotel Bruges

Bruges is also home to some very beautiful boutique hotels that offer exclusive accommodation coupled with style and luxury. These boutique Bruges hotels have luxurious rooms decorated in a unique fashion and equipped with modern amenities. Rooms in these boutique hotels in Bruges are endowed with a look and feel that differs in each room. Boutique hotels are well-known for their plush ambience, excellent service and a luxurious stay. They aim at providing an intimate and memorable experience for their guests. Relais Ravestein Hotel, Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce, Pand Small Luxury Hotel are a few of the many beautify boutique hotels in Bruges.

Luxury Hotel Bruges

Apart from the boutique hotels, guests can also indulge themselves in the lavish spread of luxury offered by other luxury hotel Bruges. Some of these hotel Bruges offer the ultimate European luxury and travel Indulgence. Guests can gain a first hand experience of the some of Europe’s finest hospitality in these luxury Bruges Hotels. Castle Cateline, Die Swaene, Hotel De Orangerie are only a few names in the long list of impressive luxury Bruges Hotels.

Sight-seeing in Bruges

The important sights of Bruges are concentrated within a small area that makes the city an easily explorable one. The highlights of the city’s sightseeing include the 15th century Belfry in the central market square, the magnificent Burg Square that is home to the beautiful Basilica of the Holy Blood. There are over a dozen museums and galleries in Bruges that throw light on a variety of topics. Visitors should not miss wandering around the canals and back streets. Lace Centre in Peperstraat gives tourists a complete overview of the lace-making industry that the city is famous for.

Whether you stay at a budget hotel or a luxury hotel, Bruges with its curling alleys and romantic canals is definitely going to sweep you by your feet. Come and experience this magical feeling by staying in one of our many hotels and make your holiday a truly unforgettable experience.