Egypt Tours

Egypt, one of the oldest civilizations of the world, is full of monuments and pyramids and makes an excellent tourist place. When you ponder over places to go on tour, you will not regret any Egypt Tours. You can expect to see some of the most romantic places in the world, like cruises on the Nile River, luxury hotels and Red Sea scuba diving which you would not have experienced elsewhere in the world. Egypt tours will be nothing but fun and you are sure to enjoy it more than any other place.

Egypt was a land of kings and emperors and hence the historical monuments are aplenty in Egypt which will provide a feast to anyone on Egypt tours. Situated as a border to Mediterranean Sea and Northern Africa, Egypt has remained a land of historical importance all through. There are a few important places which you should not miss on your Egypt tours, like Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheik and the surrounding areas to these places.

While you will observe on your Egypt tours that Alexandria has a comparatively cooler climate because of its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, Cairo is a far more developed city with all facilities like hotels, shopping centers, bowling alleys, and golf courses, and Cairo is the entrance to Egypt for all those who are on Egypt tours. In Luxor, you should visit the museum, and the other historical monuments which should not be missed during Egypt tours. Hurghada may not have the historical monuments which a tourist would want to visit during his Egypt tours but has all the other facilities. Sharm El Sheik has not only natural sceneries which a tourist may enjoy but also many historical monuments.

It is in Cairo that visitors who want to go on Egypt tours land. Usually the Egypt tours cover Giza Pyramids, Saqqara, and the Antiquities museum. The Egypt tour also covers places like Citadel, churches, markets in Cairo and then move on to Luxor. The places covered in and around Luxor include the West Bank with monuments, East Bank, and Karnak temples. Egypt tours take care not to miss the Elephantine Island, Obelisk, High Dam, and Nubian Museum which are situated around Aswan. The one place that is never missed is the temples at Abu Simbel. And most important thing people on Egypt tours should not miss is the Nile Cruise boat.

Those who are interested in Islamic tours visit the Islamic monuments but the Westerners cover not only these monuments but also other historical monuments. Egypt tours for Westerners also include the Golfing tours which are usually arranged at different locations during the Egypt tours. Fishing expeditions in Lake Nasser near Aswan are also included in most Egypt tours. Occasionally fishing is arranged in Red Sea also.

The next important aspect of Egypt tours is bird watching. Egypt is known for the variety of birds which migrate here and the noted places for bird watching are Nile Valley and Sinai and places around Aswan. Trekking is also arranged during Egypt tours. There are many resorts such as Movenpick Jolie Ville in Luxor in Egypt which offer rest in the real terms to the visitors who are on Egypt tours. Egypt tours for the Westerners is a less expensive way of getting the much required holidays. Scuba diving is another attraction of Egypt tours. You can find places for scuba diving in Sharm el-Sheik, Taba, Dahab and Nuweiba on the Sinai and El Gouna, Hurghada, Soma Bay and Safaga on the Red Sea coast.

Since Egypt is a very hot and humid country and so there are a few items which you should carry while planning Egypt tours. Hats will provide you with not only the shade and prevent the heat but also if you are a woman traveler, it will provide you with more respect if the head is covered as Egypt is predominantly an Islamic country. Scarves will be advantageous too when traveling in hot sun. Medicines to prevent sunburns are also advised when you take on Egypt tours. Sunglasses are very essential to prevent your eyes bearing the brunt of the hot sun and carrying water bottles will keep you hydrated. Walking shoes in which you are comfortable should be carried. Medication which you are used to should be brought. To keep alive the memories of your Egypt tours, you have to carry the camera with necessary resolution to shoot the pictures of the places you are visiting. Try to buy a travel guide book and map of Egypt so that you know where you are and the significance of the places you are visiting. Apart from these, there are many other things you would want to bring and plan well in advance about these things and collect them.

Also keep yourselves updated on the fee you will have to pay to visit each monument and museum while on Egypt tours. Try to avail the cheapest prices the tour operators offer. For that you should update yourself on the internet about this well in advance. You should choose a period when there is not much rush of the visitors to the country so that you can really get a good offer. Sometimes the hotels in Egypt also provide Egypt tours at a nominal cost. Try to have lower denominations of Egyptian currency. Egypt is on the whole a very hospitable country and one need not fear even if he is going to visit the place independently. Enjoy the comforts, cuisine, and the wonderful trip to Egypt!