Antwerp Hotels

Antwerp, the world’s diamond centre, a city buzzing with fashion, shopper’s true delight, the treasure house of several protected monuments and the list is an endless one. Come and discover Antwerp and you will be enthralled by the simple yet suave atmosphere. Antwerp has been blessed with some of the country’s outstanding museums, beautiful and fascinating galleries, sculpted streets, eye-catching architectural wonders and to top them all, refreshing scenic beauty. The culture and history of Antwerp coupled with its nightlife, globally acclaimed shopping are an experience that can be believed only when enjoyed. This city has everything to offer that can make your visit a truly memorable one.

Naturally, the idea of staying in a place like Antwerp might offer a great challenge to the tourist in finding the right kind of place in this pocket-sized metropolis. Locating that special hotel that suits your holidaying needs the best is difficult and can be a tiring process. Do not worry!!! Antwerp has hotels that would suit every traveler’s requirements from budget to luxury, from family to economy. Luxurious hotels, simple staying units, guest houses, and family holiday homes - Antwerp hotels are all endowed with the magical power of transforming your stay into a super lush experience.

You can easily find a really good budget hotel Antwerp. These may not be the “high-end” kind of hotels, but they would appeal to every “cost-conscious” tourist. Sleep cheap options are available in plenty for travelers. Moreover, many of the budget hotel Antwerp are located within reachable distance from the city’ happening spots. Budget Antwerp hotels give a homely feel in their ambience and their interiors. This definitely lends a feel-at-home swerve across the hotel. While offering a comfortable stay, such budget hotel Antwerp also radiate a special charm.

If you are looking for a little more luxury in your holiday but do not want to spend a lot of money for that then you need to look at a Middle Class or First Class hotel Antwerp. Such hotels compete with one another in providing their guests with a unique staying experience. The rooms in these Antwerp hotels are simple in design yet charming in character. They offer basic amenities at reasonable prices and you can earn a good value for money in some of these hotels in Antwerp. Hotel Rubenshof, International Zeemanshuis, Hotel Postiljon and Agora Hotel, Empire Hotel, Diamond Hotel and Astoria Hotel are some of the famous budget Antwerp hotels.

Antwerp hotels that come in the luxury category are unique in their own way. Built to meet demanding criteria, these luxury Antwerp hotels stand out for their privileged location, ultimately personalized service, matchless comfort levels and unique ambience. Stylish in their design and luxurious in their service, these star-studded Antwerp hotels strive to provide their guests the ultimate comfort to the minute detail. In the category of luxury Antwerp hotels, we could also see a comprehensive list of different kinds of luxury hotels like the Spa hotel Antwerp, Golf Resorts in Antwerp, Safari Lodges in Antwerp, Honeymoon Antwerp hotels and the list goes on. Rooms in these luxury hotels generally feature a neatly designed bedroom, clean and well-equipped bathroom. However, some of these high-end Antwerp hotels also provide a fully equipped kitchen and a sitting room as well. With your wallet supporting you indisputably and your search for luxury taking you to your dream holiday destination, there is no looking back.

When in Antwerp, do not miss the visit to Flemish City, famous for its diamonds. Also do not miss a visit to the Antwerp zoo which is one of the oldest zoological gardens in the world. Home to over 5000 animals that span about 1000 different species, this zoo is also well known for its state-of-the-art sub-Antarctic penguin enclosure and a huge elephant compound. Discover the hidden street Vlaeykensgang and make a visit to Grote Markt Square which is a popular attraction in the heart of the old city. Cathedral of Our Lady, the Antwerp International Port, Plantin-Moretuss Museum are other places of sightseeing importance in Antwerp. The Aquatopia Aquarium is another must-see tourist attraction in Antwerp. The underwater tunnel in this aquarium is one of the special areas of top tourist attraction. The Steen Castle and the fortress is another popular place to see in Antwerp.

All the Antwerp hotels are special in their own manner. Each one serves as an oasis of tranquility hospitality. Guaranteeing their guests with a stay that overflows with peace and comfort, Antwerp hotels are special places for special guests. Whether you are here for business, leisure, adventure – Antwerp has something for everybody to take home. Pleasant memories of an impeccable service, exciting moments of holidaying and treasurable moments of togetherness – a hotel Antwerp has all these to offer and much more.