Driving in Morocco

When driving in Morocco, remember that you need to drive on the right side of the road, which is something you will need to get adjusted to quickly if you are coming from a country that drives on the left.

Speed Limits in Morocco

Speed limits vary depending on where you are driving in Morocco. The speed is measured in kilometers per hour (kph), which might be a bit confusing for someone who's not used to the metric system. Speed limits in Morocco are:
  • Urban areas: 60 kmph (40 mph)
  • Open roads: 100 kmph (62 mph)
  • Motorways or Expressways: 100 kmph (62 mph)


Driving age

The minimum age requirement for driving in Morocco is 18 years.

Drinking and Driving

The amount of legally allowed alcohol in the blood is 0.0 mg/ml. Yes, absolutely no alcohol! Morocco is one of the countries with an absolute ban on the use of alcohol while driving.

Mobile Phones

Only 'hands free' mobile telephones can be used whilst driving.


Remember to carry important documentation with you at all times. Documents you should have with you:
  • Driver's license - The information in your driving licence must be written in a Latin alphapet or accompanied by a translation by a reliable source or an international driving licence. If your license does not incorporate a photograph, ensure you carry your passport to validate the license.
  • International Driving Permit (IDP) - If you are not from one of the EU countries, you must carry an International Driving Permit, which must be accompanied by a valid driver's license from your home country.
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Certificate of Motor Insurance
  • Inter-American Driving Permit (IADP) - May be obtained by US residents from AAA offices, and used instead of an International Driving Permit. An IADP should be accompanied by your valid home country driver's license.

Right of way

Safety Belts

in Morocco it is required to use of seatbelts only in the front seats.

Driving with Children

Children under the age of 0 are prohibited from travelling in the front seat, and must be seated at the rear with a seatbelt tightly fastened or in a safety seat (depending on the child's age). The law in Morocco requires children car seats for all children at all ages. The safety seat should be a rear-facing seat, a forward-facing seat or a booster seat based on the exact age and weight of the child.

The Police

Additional Required Equipment

All cars in Morocco must be equipped with the following equipment:


Parking in Morocco is almost like a game. Most people park where they like but parking attendants patrol many streets in the big cities looking out for cars they can ticket. There's no hard and fast rule as to why you'll be targeted so try to park where there is little room for misinterpretation of the situation

Additional Issues