Brazil Tours

Brazil, a part of South America, is the fourth most populous country in the world. It is also a major economic power in the world. The country has many hills, mountains, plains, rivers, and highlands. When one plans a vacation, Brazil tours would appeal to anyone as something novel and well within budgets.

Talking about the natural beauty of Brazil, one would find that a major part of Brazil tours will be on beaches as the country is a paradise for beach lovers. More than 4700 miles of Brazil are covered by beaches and the sunshine of Brazil will make Brazil tours memorable ones. Starting with Rio de Janeiro, the Copacabana beach of Rio is the most beautiful beach in the world and those who undertake Brazil tours will have no problem in getting accommodations or travel facilities. But if you are planning Brazil tours during New year’s time, then you will have to make planning well in advance as this is the time when everyone wants to enjoy Rio as part of their Brazil tours.

The white sandy beaches of Copacabana provide great swimming options to the people on Brazil tours and even the nightlife there is something to be experienced. This is the main attraction for those who go on Brazil tours. The other alternative to Copacabana is the Ipanema beach that is a great place for those who love getting tanned during their Brazil tours, especially the middle class tourists. Games like Futevolei and foot volley ball are the added attractions in this place. Women and children have a separate section at the beach which is quite appealing to those on Brazil tours.

There are many more beaches like Arpoador, Grumari, and Barra da Tijuca which also add to the attraction of Brazil tours. The Lablon beach is a quieter place and is an ideal spot for families and children. The Barra da Tijuca is a more attractive place for anyone on a Brazil tour as it has malls, restaurants, and night clubs. Those who are on Brazil tours are also expected to take some safety measures like personal belongings, not going out late into the beach and exercising caution about children. There are also pretty beaches like Jericoacoara beach in the Northeast Brazil, where you can see the spectacular sunset which you will get only in Brazil tours, Praia do Forte beach, Salvador beach, and Iiha de Tinhare. Do not miss the Iiha de Tinhare beach while on Brazil tours as you will immensely enjoy the boat ride to this island beach.

There are other places like Manaus which is a big city and it is located next to the Amazon Rain forest. This is a very good tourist spot with boat rides to the nearby jungles and wildlife and the primate the Pied tamarin. The tourists are taken in boats to explore the river banks and walk in the lush forest. If you are interested in spending the night in the jungle, you may halt in a hotel to enjoy the beauty of nature here. Your Brazil tours should also consist of a visit to Teatro Amazonas, an opera house and museum. The CIGS zoo is a place to visit during the Brazil tours as you can see the native animals here. The old market place, Mercado Adolpho Lisboa is worthy of a visit during your Brazil tours.

There are many other interesting places in Manaus like the cultural center, Justice Palace, and parks. You can also visit the cultural programs in the theatres if you are interested in them. As a tourist, you would be interested to know about the people and their habits, especially food. Their main food is white rice, black beans and farinha, a kind of flour. These are cooked and eaten with red meat, fish, or chicken usually. When you are on Brazil tours, you will come across many restaurants and snack bars called lanchonete. Some of the most common Brazilian food includes Barreado which is meat and spice cooked, Cozido, a cooked potato and other vegetables, and Feijoada, stew of meat with rice and beans, which is also Brazil’s national food. You would not have tasted these dishes and you can really enjoy them while on Brazil tours.

The climate in Brazil is variant with respect to elevation of a place and its latitude. Usually a warm tropical weather prevails in Brazil, warm summers and cold winters and if you are lucky, you may even see a snowfall if you are traveling to the South as part of your Brazil tours. People in Brazil speak Portuguese, and you will find a mixed population consisting of European, African and other nations. The culture in Brazil is highly influenced by the Portuguese in every aspect of life like religion, marriage, and social life.

Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to undertake Brazil tours and enjoy the various attractions of Brazil.