Czech Republic Tours

The Czech Republic represents a unique blend of history, a variety of colorful culture, fascinating architecture featuring some breath taking monuments. No wonder more than ten locations in the country have been declared as UN World Heritage Sites. If tourists wish to discover the richness of this nation the best way is to visit the place through Czech Republic Tours. Well organized Czech Republic Tours will definitely take the visitor through a memorable and extremely enjoyable journey covering some historic tourist spots Czech Republic Tours will also throw a flood of light into the rich culture and traditions of the country and make the experience highly rewarding for the tourists.

Czech Republic Tours can be arranged by any reputed travel advisor. Various kinds of Czech Republic Tours are organized by travel agents. These Czech Republic Tours are designed to suit the requirements of the travelers. There are some budget Czech Republic Tours that are organized. These Czech Republic tours are the least expensive amongst the various tour categories. The levels of amenities and the type of resting units provided in these Czech Republic tours are of the average category and would be ideally suitable for the budget-conscious traveler. Based on the kind of services provided, there are First-class Czech Republic Tours, Deluxe Czech Republic Tours and finally the Luxury Czech Republic Tours organized by trip advisors. All these Czech Republic Tours cover the important tourist destinations in the Czech Republic. They vary only in the grade of the services and amenities that are enjoyed by the guests.

Ideal Czech Republic Tours would take you around Prague, the city of a Hundred Spires for its many domed churches. Apart from Prague, there are some Czech Republic Tours that would also cover other parts of the country that are of tourist interest. Prague, the capital city has a lot to offer to its tourists by way of castles, cathedrals and a rich and varied culture. It is considered as one of the most beautiful capital cities of the world. One would be amazed at the narrow lanes that open up to awe-inspiring plazas. Not to miss is the famous Charles Bridge over the Vltava River that has been named after the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. This would arguably be the most spectacular way of viewing the city. An evening cruise in the river would lead you to an illuminated view of some of Prague’s most historic and artistic architecture along the Vltava River. Do not miss rub the plaque at the base of the statue of John Nepomuk as it is believed to have the powers of making your wish come true.

Prague is also famous for its Jewish Quarter. The main attractions here are the old-new Synagogue and the six buildings that make up the Jewish Museum. This part of the Czech Republic Tour would give tourists a deep insight into the Jewish history of Prague. An important part of the Czech Republic Tours takes tourists around historical and cultural sites like the national Theater, Belvedere, Loreta, Prague Castle, lesser Town, The House of Artists and the old Town Square. When visiting the Old Town Square, do not miss the Astronomical Clock which is the major crowd-puller here. On the hour, the clock comes to life with the 12 Apostles and other figures that have been intricately designed and parade in a procession.

The main highlight of most Czech Republic Tours is an optional Cesky Krumlov Tour. A small city that is located at the fjord of the Vltava River, Cesky Krumlov has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1992. The state Castle and Chateau have received global acclaim for their Gothic architectural excellence and splendor. Cesky Krumlov attracts several tourists year after year and is rightly called the “Pearl of the Renaissance”.

There is another optional tour that is a part of Czech Republic Tours. This takes you to the city of Kutna Hora, an ancient mining town founded in the 13th century. Considered as the second most significant town in the Czech Republic, Kutna Hora has successfully retained the essence of a typical medieval city and figures in the list of the important UNESCO Heritage Sites. The important landmark of the city, the Church of St. Barbara is ranked amongst one of the world’s most beautiful basilicas.

Czech Republic Tours would undoubtedly be some of the most unforgettable Heritage Tours you have taken that offers you unique travel experiences. The Czech Republic has something to offer its tourists throughout the year. Summer would see tourists hiking towards the countryside which is in full bloom. Autumn is unquestionably the best season for the wine festival in South Moravia or for tasting the world famous Pilsener or Budwiser beers.