Israel Tours

The one country that has faced wide political upheavals and wars and yet risen to an enviable position by all means in the world map is Israel, an Arab country. Israel is the only Jewish country now in the world and is surrounded by countries like Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Israel is connected to many countries by air and when your Israel tours are confirmed, if your country is not directly connected with Israel, you have to plan connecting flights. You can also travel by sea via Tel Aviv, Ashdod or Eilat and once the formalities are completed for entering Israel, you can continue your Israel tours. Else if you want to enter Israel by road, you can enter the country only through Egypt and Jordan to proceed with your Israel tours.

Passport which is valid at least for the next six months, boarding pass issued by the airlines, and visa to enter the country are essential documents and you can stay in Israel for three months on Israel tours and any extension of the visa can be done at specific offices in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, etc. After clearing the customs and immigration procedures the visitors on Israel tours can proceed to their accommodations. You can buy a vehicle for your use while on Israel tours and this is exempted from tax. You have to hold an international driving license and insurance policy valid in Israel for this.

The weather in Israel is warm in summer, mild winters, and varied rain falls. In summer and spring when you go on Israel tours, you will notice the hot dry winds and high temperatures. So if you plan an Israel tour in summer, bring only cotton light weight clothing and during winter you should note to bring umbrella, shoes, gloves and scarf. Hat, sunglasses and lotions are essential items as also water bottles, sleeping bag and good shoes if you plan hiking during your Israel tour.

After arriving in Israel on Israel tours, you will have umpteen numbers of hotels to pick from. They offer all facilities and comforts for a visitor on Israel tours. There are spa hotels, boutique hotels, or guestrooms which are also known as tsimmers which offer very attractive accommodations. You will also find a Bedouin tent an exciting unique offer which you will never get except when on Israel tours.

Once you have found your accommodation to stay during your Israel tours, you have to decide on the places to visit in Israel. Here is a country which has a combination of extremes, like Mount Hermon where you find snow and the Judean desert, and the Dead Sea on the other side. The cities in Israel are more than a million years old. You must not miss to visit them on your Israel tours. These cities abound in shopping centers and markets. Local arts and crafts are the main attraction of these places.

When on Israel tours, a visit to Tel Aviv is very important as the city caters to the taste of one and all with its museums, theatres, operas, fine restaurants and antiquities and galleries. The beaches of Tel Aviv are heaven to the beach lovers and at the Caesarea beach you can even take an underwater tour of Roman antiquities. Red Sea Riviera is another attraction in the cards of Israel tours. Here one will find great varieties of sea animals. Visitors on Israel tours can enjoy cycling, and rappelling around the city. The Mount Hermon serves the visitors on Israel tours in two ways - with snow skiing during winters and as the snow melts, it also provides a great opportunity for the visitors on Israel tours as a trekking spot.

There are many places in Israel which serve as both educative and entertaining spots. To name a few, the New Kings city in Eilat, Haganah Museum, and Jerusalem’s Time Elevator fill you with experience that you will never get except when on Israel tours. There are many museums in and around Jerusalem and Haifa which are really educative about the ancient times. If you plan Israel tours during annual events, you will also get to know the artistic caliber of the people here.

Israel has been certified as an extremely safe place for the visitors and visitors on Israel tours need not take any vaccinations before traveling to Israel as the country is well developed on the health front. The visitors on Israel tours would be amazed to find the variety of cuisines available here. From the traditional falafel and humus, to pizzas and the cuisines of the Asian countries, everything is available here. But a visitor on an Israel tour should taste the typical food for Jewish people like the food from Yemen, Mesopotamia, and Salonika. The food served here takes health into consideration and is supplemented by fruits and vegetables. The visitors on Israel tours will not find language a barrier as English translations are easily available.

Tourists on an Israel tours are allowed to bring their pet animals if they have certificates from the veterinary health officers. Since the country is very advanced and developed, you will not have any problem in touring Israel and for any assistance you can contact the nearest office. Enjoy your Israel tours and experience one of the mystical lands of the world.