Jordan Tours

Jordan is a country which is situated in Southwest Asia surrounded by Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. The country has very limited natural resources like water and depends on other countries for these requirements. The main export of Jordan is textile and clothing. When you plan to take a holiday trip, Jordan is a very good choice and Jordan Tours would be a totally different experience. Jordan is an attractive tourism destination with historical spots, cultural and religious sites.

Once your Jordan tours are finalized, you have to purchase the tickets and book your accommodation in the country. Your visa to enter the country has to be arranged. Except for a few countries, the people of all countries who are planning Jordan tours are permitted to enter Jordan with a visa on arrival. You may have to pay about US $15 towards the visa which is not applicable to the Arabs and they are allowed to enter free of charge. You must remember to pay a departure tax of US $ 7.5 when your Jordan tours are completed. You may have to provide a few details like surname, profession, date and place of birth, passport details and nationality to get a visa for your Jordan tours.

You can get the local currency anywhere like hotels, banks and exchange offices once you enter the country on Jordan tours. There is no restriction for the amount to bring inside Jordan or taking out of the country when you are on Jordan tours. Most of the commercial establishments do accept credit cards and traveler cheques from the visitors on Jordan tours. When you plan Jordan tours, you must also know about the climate there, which is dry and hot during summer and cool in winter and spring seasons and sometimes you may even see snowfall.

Once your Jordan tours are finalized, the next thing to be planned properly in Jordan is accommodation. Jordan has different types of accommodations, like luxury hotels, apartments, and camp sites. You will find on your Jordan tours that camp sites and shared rooms are cheaper but do make a comfortable place to stay in at a low cost. There are also guest houses and hotels which make your Jordan tours memorable ones, but these are costlier. But these accommodations are really swanky. You will note while on Jordan tours that most of the hotels and apartments are located in Amman and very few in the eastern and southern deserts. So you may have to make day trips from Amman to other places during your Jordan tours. The hotels in Jordan have very good restaurants with variety of cuisines, gardens, pools, seaside view, and other sight seeing places nearby for those who are on Jordan tours.

When you have settled in your hotel comfortably, you must chalk out your plans to visit on your Jordan tours. There are a few places that must not be missed when on Jordan tours. The Dead Sea, Petra, Um Qeis, Pella and the Jordan Valley, Desert vistas, Desert castles, and Crusader Forts must find a place in your Jordan tours plan charts. You will observe during your Jordan tours that Jordan Deserts are a masterpiece of nature as they contain hunting lodges, farming estates, and castles with ancient architectural styles. The interior walls of Qusair Amra are covered with paintings and sculptures and a rare kind of mosaics. You must also plan visit to Qasr-el-Hallabat, Qasr Kharanah, and Qasr Mushatata during your Jordan tours.

Wadi Rum is a part of the Arabian Desert with white sandstone mountains and pink colored sand which are picturesque in nature. Um Qeis is also known as Gadara and is known as the cultural center of Jordan. Many poets and philosophers have flourished here. And one more place you must not miss during your Jordan tours is Pella. This place is rich in antiquities dating to Chalcolithic days, Byzantine churches and houses, Medieval Islamic mosque, and remains of Bronze and Iron Age walled cities.

The Dead Sea is another place that must find a place in your Jordan tours. This is below the sea level and the weather here is hot summers and mild winters and rich in natural resources. Yet another attraction is the St George Greek church map and other mosaics dating back to 5tn to 7th centuries. Jordan tours are not complete without a visit to Jerash, which is the most well preserved city of Roman Empire. This place is surrounded by a green, luscious valley and has attracted tourists most.

There are many monuments of Bronze Age, Roman, Byzantine, and Abbaid times, meaning that human settlement was in this place since a very long time. Your Jordan tour swill be incomplete without seeing all these tourist spots. Not only these, you also have restaurants, churches and mosques that have historical significance to see in this country. King Hussein Palace, citadel, Roman Theater, and houses made of white stones are also important places to visit during your Jordan tours. To please your palate, you get Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine in many restaurants along with cardamom coffee.

Jordan is a mixture of ancient ruins and modern lifestyles. You are sure to get the satisfied feeling of having visited a unique country when you have completed any of the Jordan tours.