Morocco Tours

Morocco, which is located in North Africa, is reported to have been in existence since the Neolithic times. The country is full of historical locales and monuments. When you contemplate on different places for a holiday, a unique place would be Morocco. Morocco Tours will be something which you would not have experienced before. Once you have decided on Morocco tours, you can book a cheap flight from many airports all over the world with almost all major airlines.

There are three international airports in Morocco which are Casablanca, Agadir, and Tangier. All these airports provide all facilities to the visitors on Morocco tours, and Casablanca is better among these three. You can travel by domestic flights from here. The main advantage of Morocco tours is that there is no visa requirement for tourists from many countries like America, Canada or England. You will be permitted to stay for a minimum of 90 days in Morocco and of course, extension is also considered on rare occasions.

Once you arrive in any of the international airports in Morocco, your Morocco tour begins. Then come the accommodations. Moroccan cities have wonderful hotels with all modern facilities at a reasonable price. Those who are on Morocco tours have a wide range of options in selecting the hotel accommodations because of the boom in the tourism industry. Once this is settled, you can look for your travel plans as the next part of your Morocco tours. You can rent a car here if you have an international driving license but this will work out costly. If you are prepared to pay that cost, then you can have all the time at your disposal in going on with your Morocco tours.

Starting with art galleries as part of Morocco tours, there are many and among them the most important are Afalkay Art Gallery, Espace Othello Gallery, Galerie d’Art Frederic Damgaard, and The Qoubba Art Gallery in Essaouira, Galrie Delacroix, Volubilis Art Gallery in Tangier, The Marrakesh Art Gallery in Marrakech are a few to name which you should not miss in your Morocco tours. They display a wide range of furniture and other wood items, paintings, sculptures, and calligraphy. There are heritage sites which have been well preserved by the Government and provide a feast to those who are on a Morocco tours and who are interested in history. To name a few, Historic City of Meknes is a 11th century settlement displaying a mixture of Spanish architecture; Ksar of Ait Ben Haddou lies between Marrakech and the Sahara Desert displaying the ancient architecture; Mazagan, Archeological site of Volubilis, Medina of Marrakech, and Medina of Fex are other places which offer the visitors on Morocco tours the reminiscences of the history of 9th to 11th century. You should definitely see all these historical sites on your Morocco tours.

Since the population of Morocco is predominantly Islamic, you will, on your Morocco tours find many mosques which serve as places of worship and to impart education and for providing information. A few important mosques which may interest you are Karaouine Mosque in Fez, Hassan II mosque, and Koutoubia mosque. You will find that these mosques are in existence from 9th century almost and have been preserved well and are worth visiting on your Morocco tours. Museums in Morocco should find in your Morocco tour plans. To mention a few of them, Forbes Museum in Tangier has the light and sound shows depicting the various battles; Museum of Antiquities in Tangier has the valuables retrieved from Roman archeological sites; Archeological Museum in Tetouan contains the rare pieces dating back to pre Islamic period; and Archeological museum in Rabat exhibits the artifacts of the Neolithic ages.

The architectural beauty can be found in palaces of Morocco when you go on Morocco tours. Palaces like Khalifa Palace built during Alaouite Dynasy and the Raissouni Palace built by a pirate are never to be left out of your Morocco tours. If you are interested in the wild life of the country as part of your Morocco tours, you will be delighted to visit Souss Massa Biological Reserve and Toubkal Biological Reserve which house different varieties of birds like waders, woodpeckers, and flamingos. You will be able to see many animal varieties like foxes, leopards, elephants, wild boars etc. When you visit the desert coast of Morocco during your Morocco tours, you will be stunned by the flora and fauna in this area. Those who are on Morocco tours will appreciate how the authorities are striving hard to preserve these wildlife species.

If you are interested in games like golf, there are a few golf courses like Golf Les Dunes in Agadir where you can play golf during your Morocco tours. As Morocco is a warm country, you may find snow skiing only in a few places like High Atlas Mountains. Morocco is definitely a unique country and people go on Morocco tours to visit Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. Undertaking Morocco tours during the early summer months is ideal as you can enjoy the warm weather during day and the pleasant cool nights. Enjoy Morocco!