Munich Hotels

Welcome to Germany’s third largest city, Munich. The city that amazes you with its beautiful churches, amazing royal residences, royal avenues, theatres, exciting parks and museums. Every year thousands of tourists visit Munich on leisure travel or on business purpose. Munich has something to offer to every kind of a tourist-leisure travelers, history lovers, adventure-seekers etc. The shopping, skiing and sailing adventures offered by the city stand unparalleled. Munich is home to some of the best festivals in Germany like the summer International Film Festival and Opera Festival and the Munich Oktoberfest.

Tourists planning a trip to Munich need not be hassled about finding the right kind of accommodation. The city is home to various kinds of hotels that satisfy the needs of travelers of every kind. Munich hotels, whatever category they may belong to, offer comfort and quality of service. There are various kinds of hotel Munich that may be suited for every kind of a trip that is planned to the city.

Backpackers who are looking forward to explore the city and look for basic accommodation can choose from the youth hostels that are a part of Munich hotels. These hostels have single or double bedded room with baths. Some of them like YMCA Youth Hostel even provide shared rooms or dormitory types (where you can save more money). Most of these hostels charge for the bed and a buffet breakfast while other like Haus International M?nchen have additional amenities like cafeteria, disco and an indoor swimming pool. This category of Munich hotels is the best suited for the travel-frenzy tourists who spend the entire day exploring the city and retire late in the evening to a good night’s sleep.

If you are willing to spend a little more towards your stay, then you can choose from the various 2-star and economy hotel Munich. Many of these Munich hotels offer single, double and triple rooms while some others like the Hotel Pension Welti even offers a studio room with kitchen facilities. Rates in these Munich hotels are affordable and the rooms are fitted with standard amenities. The Monaco is one of the best budget hotel Munich as is the Blutenberg.

Munich also has its own group of three star hotels. These Munich hotels provide comfortable, modern and clean facilities at comparatively less expensive rates. Many of these Munich hotels are centrally located and therefore tourists may find it convenient to ply around the city. These Munich hotels offer a pleasant ambience, variety of travel enhancing services coupled with sumptuous food that includes some of the Bavarian delicacies that will make your stay in Munich as pleasant as possible. Rooms in these Munich hotels are gracefully planned and equipped with a host of modern amenities that makes your stay an enjoyable one. The Ludwig Hotel, Germania Hotel, Cosmopolitan Hotel are just a few of the many three-star hotel Munich.

If you are looking at a longer vacation in Munich and do not want to spend money on a hotel, then you may consider staying in an apartment in Munich. There are some hotels in Munich that offer single, double or studio apartment and some special rates are offered to guests who extend their stay. Derag Hotel Karl Theodor and Derag Hotel Max Emmanuel offer studio apartments and “living houses” to their guests who plan a long vacation in Munich.

Guests looking for hotel Munich that would offer them all modern-day amenities should consider choosing from the long list of 4-star hotels in Munich. Most of these Munich hotels have excellent connectivity to all major tourist destinations in the city. Rooms in these Munich hotels are facilitated with an array of state-of-art amenities to ensure the guests enjoy a relaxing and pleasant stay. Most of these Munich hotels have more than one restaurant serving international and Bavarian specialties.

Adorned with a modern, elegant ambience and an up-scale and happening atmosphere, the five-star hotel Munich are a class of their own. Guestrooms in these Munich hotels are studded all modern-day comforts that provides the perfect arena for a relaxing holiday. An exceptionally friendly service awaits guests at these Munich hotels that stands out from various other hotels in the city. These Munich hotels have various luxurious amenities attached to their hotel like sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness club and swimming pool for you to enjoy your stay in the perfect manner.

Densely populated with a host of attractive tourist spots, Munich has something for every tourist. Whether you are at Hellabrunn Wildlife Park, or at a concert at the Bavarian state Opera House you are in for surprises. Not just these, Munich also has a wide range of sports facilities, beaches and beer gardens together with a planetarium, theatres and cinemas. Shopping-frenzy tourists can have their way at the bustling market places.

With so much and more to offer, the inviting appeal that Munich has retained over the years only keeps increasing.