Turkey Tours

Turkey is surrounded by 8 countries like Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia and Armenia. A powerful combination of Eastern and Western culture, Turkey has emerged as a strong country economically, historically, and culturally. When you plan for a holiday and if you want it to be a unique one with heavenly experiences, you can opt for Turkey. Turkey Tours are memories you will never forget and learn lots from the same.

Once you have decided on Turkey tours, you must arrange to get all the documents ready. You must ensure that your passport is valid for at least three months once you commence your Turkey tours. There should be no problem entering Turkey on your Turkey tours by air because getting a visa stamped on your passport is not at all difficult. You just have to stand in a queue to get it stamped. Usually no checking is done on your baggage at the airports if you are a visitor on Turkey tours. It would be more difficult to enter the country on Turkey tours by means of land. You may have to have the local currency to pay for the visa. If you are entering Turkey by land, then there would be more checking of your bags and it will take more time to get your paperwork on your Turkey tours done. There are many flights to Istanbul which is the main international airport from places like Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. You can enter Turkey by means of sea also by ferries and you have plenty of such ferries which operate almost daily.

You will observe once your plan your Turkey tours that the country has varied climates in different parts, such as mild winter temperatures and hot summers in the coastal areas, extreme cold and hot climates in the inland areas, and by the winter time, taking up Turkey tours is not at all advisable as the weather is freezing. The best period to go on Turkey tours would be April to May and September to October. May to September would be ideal for enjoying on the beaches for a visitor on Turkey tours. The people are simple, fun loving and more attached to family, games, friendship, and food and music, as you will observe on your Turkey tour. The food available here is something beyond one’s imagination and one can never finish the plate.

Your Turkey tours should not be too expensive also and Turkey though not very cheap, offers you the best you would want on your Turkey tours. Istanbul, Ankara are the costliest cities and you may need to spend more on accommodation, travel and food and you may need a minimum of 30-40 euros per day per person. If you are prepared to be liberal in spending, you can enjoy the comforts of a good hotel, food, and travel also during the Turkey tours. You may have to pay tips to the staff in the hotels for their services, which is expected of the visitor on Turkey tours and you can even use your ATM or credit cards here. Be sure to get vaccinated for yellow fever, carry contact lenses and glasses and a first aid kit with you before you start your Turkey tours.

There are many places in Turkey that are to be included in your itinerary for Turkey tours. Istanbul, Ankara and Cappadocia are the most important places to visit. While you will see Hagia Sophia Church with the grand Byzantine mosaics, Blue Mosque, Topkapi palace which was the residence of Ottoman Sultans for many years, and Grand Bazaar with thousands of shops. Don’t miss the Byzantine Hippodrome during your Turkey tours where horse races were held in the past. You have to make a visit to Anatolian Civilization Museum in the Citadel in Ankara and you will find prehistoric archeological pieces. In Cappadocia, you have to visit Uchisar valley which provides excellent views of the natural formations there. During your Turkey tours, you must also note to visit Underground city of Kaymakli, Rock Churches, Pasabag valley, and Avanos Village which is famous for handicrafts.

While in Konya, Mausoleum of Mevlana is the main tourist attraction, Hierapolis has the largest Necropolis and the ancient city of Aphrodisias. The Ephesus Ruins, Temple of Artemis and Shrine of Virgin Mary are to be a part of your Turkey tours. When you visit Gallipoli battlefields, you will see the world war memorials. When you go to the Mediterranean region, you have to visit Antalya, a city filled with nature’s beauty. Huge waterfalls, Lara Beach, Bey Dagi and Topcam Beach offer splendid views. If you want to indulge in winter sports during your Turkey tours, do visit Saklikent, which is near Antalya. Amasya is yet another province with historical values and priceless beauty. You will find tombs of Pontus kings and when illuminated at nights, you will never forget that view. This is an ideal place for fishing and picnicking during your Turkey tours. You will get your money’s worth in Turkey; enjoy the magical atmosphere of Turkey, learn about the culture of Turkey which is more than ten thousand years old, and get the experience of a lifetime in your Turkey tours.